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Product focus: Moroccan Plaster

16 May 2024
Moroccan plaster in period property bathroom

With more than 15 years industry experience Charlie is well versed in helping clients make informed decisions about the products and finishes that they choose for their home. In our product focus features we will explore the pros and cons of some of the most popular products on the market. This time we’ll focus on tadelakt. 

What is Moroccan plaster?

Moroccan plaster, or tadelakt, is a traditional, waterproof wall finish made from ground limestone. Its natural composition gives it a unique look and feel, whilst its waterproof nature makes it ideal to use on walls that you would usually tile, such as bathrooms. Due to the way it is applied to the walls there are no join or grouting lines, leaving rooms with a premium, luxury feel. 

Why has Moroccan plaster become so popular? 

In short it is hard to rival - the product offers an unmatched finish alongside numerous practical advantages. It is available in a huge range of colours and is mixed on-site for each installation and once dry it has a characteristic sheen, reminiscent of natural stone that adds a premium feel. As the name suggests, it is applied to the wall similarly to plaster, meaning that it can follow the shape of any wall and is extremely long lasting. But perhaps one of its most stand out qualities is that it is waterproof, making it perfect for creating a high-end look and feel in bathrooms and kitchens.

Is it easy to add Moroccan plaster to my home?

If you think you would like to use tadelakt on a surface, making your contractor aware at the start of a project is best. This means that they can work backwards to ensure that any required preparation can be carried out in good time. As it is only about 3mm thick once applied, the surface needs to be prepared with tremendous attention to detail so giving your contractor ample notice will mean that walls can be prepared accordingly. 

In terms of interior styling, the finish given by tadelakt is sleek, striking and offers some variance of tone, giving it almost a textural quality. There are no joins on the surface, but the wall will be far from ‘dull’, and depending on the colours selected can look just as striking in a classic period property as it can in an ultra modern home.  

Do I need a professional or can I DIY? 

Tadelakt should always be installed by a professional with preparatory works needing to be carried out to an exacting standard too. To achieve a clients desired colour and waterproofing requirements the tadelakt must be mixed and finished on a project by project basis, the skills required to achieve this and apply the product thinly and evenly mean that tadelakt should always be installed by a professional. 

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