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Creating a kitchen for entertaining

3 June 2024
Inspiration for a kitchen remodel in London

We’ve all heard the adage that the kitchen in the heart of the home, a place to come together, make memories and enjoy time with those we hold dear. But all of this means that kitchens often have to be one of the hardest working spaces in our homes, multitasking between daily routines and providing a special place to relax, unwind and enjoy. As a contractor Charlie has created countless kitchens to fit this criteria, so in this blog we will explore some of her top tips. 

What design choices would you factor in when planning a kitchen for entertaining?

If you are looking to create a kitchen that accommodates a number of people in a social setting, always consider ways to merge the kitchen with a dining, or seating area. It goes without saying that open plan spaces naturally lend themselves to this and you often end up spending more time in the kitchen. However working in London, with its numerous listed properties and compact homes, means that I’ve learnt a few ways to achieve the feel of a larger space even when open plan is not an option. Adding a breakfast bar or island creates a zone for guests to gather around without you having to leave the room to cook and prepare dinners. An added bonus is that it also adds counter space and storage too. 

What if open plan isn’t for you?

There are a number of ways to still have a sociable space, even if open plan living isn’t for you. Creating flow between different rooms in your home can help you to ‘extend’ the feel of your kitchen by utilising adjoining spaces. Details such as sliding doors between a kitchen and dining space can help you to enhance the functionality of the space by making the kitchen feel much bigger.Or alternatively, creating a patio or terrace leading from the kitchen that can be enjoyed in the summer months adds to a kitchen’s entertaining potential. A neat tip if you think this sounds right for you is to level the floor between both areas and opt for flooring that can be used inside and out. The result will be a space which feels much bigger and works as a cohesive space. 

What is the best way to create ambience in the kitchen?

Lighting, lighting, lighting. The versatility of lighting means that you can use it to create clear zones. From functional lighting for food prep, through to feature lighting over an island or a kitchen table that makes a natural area for people to congregate. A well-chosen light over the island or dining table will enhance your personal style and aesthetics, adding to the place setting and creating a stunning spot for a dinner party. 

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